5 Challenges of Working from Home

Work Life Balance

5 Challenges of Working from Home:

Exciting times, you’ve taken or are about to take a significant step in your career by going it alone.  It can feel daunting but don’t let initial ups and downs put you off, stick to your guns and who knows, this time next year…..

Experience tells us going it alone can be a great way to improve your work life balance, but before you go and have that 3rd bedroom converted into an office, just take a look at some of the feedback we’ve picked up from tenants over the years on some of the pitfalls of basing yourself from home.

  • Your home life becomes your work life. If you work in an office, you can easily close the door in the evening, go home and forget about work until the next morning. However, having your work at home means it can be too tempting to quickly check your emails or make a couple of calls, and then find yourself 3 hours later surrounded by work which could have waited until tomorrow, rather than spending time with your family or catching up on household chores.
  • Constant distractions. Whether it may be children, pets, neighbours or the television, working from home means you are bound to get distracted by one thing or another. Sealing a deal or making an important call can be difficult enough, but trying to do it with a screaming baby or a barking dog there can make it an impossible task.
  • Not being taken seriously. A common concern of home-based business owners is whether their clients will consider their business a substantial one. Home businesses are sometimes regarded as “hobbies” which can affect their professional image and credibility.
  • Your home address will be made public. Some people may not mind, but the majority would rather keep their home address private. Do you want to put your own address on to your website for the world to see? If clients want to come and meet with you, would you really want them to come to your home? There are simple ways of preventing the need to use your home address, even if you’re not ready to work from an office, virtual offices are available.
  • Self-discipline. Running your business from home means you’re your own boss. There’s no formal routine and no codes of conduct. Nobody will notice if you have an extra hour in bed before starting work. This might sound amazing and the flexibility would be a real novelty at first, but it would quickly wear off when you find yourself not getting enough work done to pay the bills!

Just think about how much more efficient you could be, that could mean clocking off earlier to spend more quality time at home OR converting more new business with that renewed focus.

So how can The Fort Offices help?  We offer a range of serviced and virtual office facilities to enable you to portray that professional element to your clients and allow you to escape the distractions of home life. 

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