How Hot Desking Can Help Your Business

Benefits of Hot Desking

Sometimes there are occasions when an office is only required for a few days or even a few hours. Here at The Fort we offer a Hot Desking service where office space can be leased for a short period with no long-term commitments.

There are many benefits to Hot Desking which include –

  • Low Cost – You don’t have any long-term commitments with Hot Desking.  You are only charged for the time you use which can be more cost effective that renting an office for a whole month.
  • Fibre Optic Broadband – You can enjoy the benefits of Fibre Optic Broadband without having to enter any long-term agreements with telecoms providers.
  • Telephone Lines – A telephone line will be provided and will be ready for immediate us if required.
  • Flexible Options – Hot Desking services can be leased by the hour, half day, full day, several days or even several weeks, depending on what you need.
  • Own Office Space – Hot Desking is a good way to see if having your own office space away from your home life works well for you. Even if you only want to use Hot Desking for a couple of days, it’s a good way to see how everything works before committing to renting your own office per month.
  • Ready To Go – We will set everything up ready for you to use as soon as you arrive, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • Confidential Meetings Or Interviews? – A Hot Desk office provides a perfect, professional location for confidential off-site meetings or for holding interviews.

Our Hot Desking Services feature private, comfortable, modern office space with Fibre Optic Broadband access and a telephone line if required. With prices starting from as little as £7.50 +VAT per hour, why don’t you see if Hot Desking works for you.

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