Support Services

Additional Support Services

Should you require any additional support, we can provide you with administrative services to you and your business to ease the workload off you and your staff. All additional support services are available at an extra cost and may be subject to minimum commitment terms. Further details and costs can be provided upon request.

Additional support services we can provide include, but are not limited to the items detailed below:

  • Outgoing Mail Handling

    We can process all outgoing mail for you and add the postage charges onto your next monthly invoice.

  • General Administration Tasks

    We can provide you with general admin work such as typing, photocopying, scanning, laminating and faxing.

  • Preferential Conference Room Hire

    All our tenants qualify for preferential rates when hiring out our conference room for meetings or training sessions.

  • Courier Services

    We can ship any parcels or important documents via our couriers saving you the time of looking for a courier yourself.

  • Corporate Gym Membership

    Our tenants can also benefit from corporate memberships rates at a local gym and country club.