Serviced Office G11

Why Choose Serviced Offices?

Many of us face the dilemma of working from home or working in an office, but what’s the best thing to do?

Working from home always seems like such a great idea, but getting down to work proves to be difficult as your attention turns away from the job in hand and towards the TV. You are often left without motivation, space and separation between your work life and home life, so making a step to rent an office space is the logical step forward. Moving to an office might seem like a big step to take, and it can be daunting looking for somewhere to rent. But the benefits of working in an office space are multiple. Serviced office space can offer a stress free solution to keeping your business organised, as dedicated people on site are there to lend a hand with office support. A serviced office requires very little work on your part, and is an easy way to take a step forward with your business. A non-serviced office would require you to fit phone lines and sort out an internet connection. A serviced office provides these facilities already for you so you can just turn up with your computer and start working straight away.

Unlike working from home, visitors will arrive at your serviced-office and be greeted by the professional reception staff, who can also sort your mail for you too. You can then take your visitors to a meeting in your office or conference room, usually available if reserved in advance. Refreshments can be provided and most meetings rooms are equipped with projectors ready for presentations. If you get to the stage where your business is ready for expansion, a serviced office will often have larger rooms for you to move to or additional rooms for you to take on. You can keep all your staff under one roof and easy to manage without having the hassle of signing up to somewhere permanent. At the point you are ready to take on your own space, a serviced office will be easy to leave, as the staff there will help to make your move as smooth as possible. You will be charged a flat rate per month, with all of the additional costs included in one price.

Many offices spaces will charge a different amount depending on what’s included, and this will also vary depending on the office. But an all-inclusive price means that you don’t have to worry about your outgoings being vastly different month to month – you know what the cost is when you take the space on and it will remain that way, inclusive of all the services agreed. Cheaper and easier than finding a permanent home, a serviced office offers much more than a non-serviced office, and is a hassle free way of starting up your business without working at home. While working at home can be a great way to get your feet under the table, a serviced office has the support and the distinction of a business that really helps you to feel like your business is taking off and tells your clients that you really do mean business.